What will happen if you integrate your life experience into transformation and development?

The world is changing before our eyes. Much of what we knew and what we learned has ceased to meet our expectations. The time has come for new systems, where mental, physical and spiritual balance constitutes a single doctrine of effective behaviour, maximising our inner meaning.

What if you find a new balance of aspirations and meanings?

Integrating our life and professional experience into teaching methods, achieving personal and professional goals, acquiring skills to live and be yourself - isn’t it what we want? The summation of life events opens a possibility to create a story of maximum efficiency and pure meanings.

What if you start living a life that you would like to see at the end?

But how do you find a balance of form and content, useful and pleasant, meanings and actions, sensations and awareness? It is not so difficult if you use the latest technologies and discoveries in the field of neurophysiology and anthropology, if you apply cultural paradigms, if you are aware of the meanings of art and social relations. And also tell stories. A lot of stories.

As long as there are lessons that we have not learned yet, we would definitely not be bored.

Improve yourself! Create, try, invest. Invest in yourself. Become free and independent at last. Evolve! Let yourself define the life you want. Add value to your time, reach the farthest point of your experience. Be versatile and keep your personality. The world can wait. You can not. No one can accept their purpose, if they are waiting and not looking for it. Create a Master within yourself.

You can not start your life from the beginning, but you can change it from where you are now.

Mastering is a process when a model is created from the original facts and realities, which serves as a reference for further replication. We need a master model that would correspond with the idea of our place in this world. It is the original that will allow us to continue, to truly live and act in accordance with our beliefs and values. We can consciously create our meanings.

You just need to feel life’s flavour ...

You have to live your life - planning is for your calendar. Stop for a moment - you are not responsible for everything around you. You also need to taste what you eat, feel what you touch, what you hear, what you see. Everything has a flavour. This life has a flavour, feel it. But this is impossible if you do not look at the stars and sunsets, if you do not talk and do not walk with children, if you are afraid to spend time unproductively or lazily, if you do not spend time playing games, if you read great books too quickly.

Hear and be a part of world’s harmony

One should not be intimidated by the fading emptiness of uncertainty. Our shadows always appear darker when reflected in the fears of our ignorance. But when mentoring, personal competence skills, coaching and storytelling are combined and integrated into a single system of a personal model of meanings and actions, then life will really never be the same. Try it. Life is worth it.