Practicing effective liferunning

Liferunning is a method of systemic integration of life and professional experiences into educational and developmental technologies. The book outlines the history and development of liferunning, presents educational material and gives twelve of its best practices. For mentors, tutors, coaches, parents, specialists in working with people  and anyone who wants to make their life and the life of their environment better.

And life will never be the same

This book is about Liferunning - a timely and relevant system of integrative development, developed in the early 2000s. This system is about combining your personal life and professional experiences with different interaction technologies: mentoring, coaching, consulting and other methods of human development, and making it your new specialty.

For leaders, mentors and coaches, professionals involved in the educational process, and, of course, parents.

Life offline
This is not what you might think

This book will not relieve you of the influence of external circumstances, will not make the world around you fair, will not free you from the need to make fateful decisions. But it is able to illuminate the path of your life, teach you how to manage its history, warn against illusions and show you new degrees of your freedom. This book is a reminder map of why nothing, but your will, matters.

Reality Distortion Field
“Reading made Don Quixote a gentleman. Believing what he read made him mad.”

It's amazing how far each of us can go to attract success. And how far can we go in our thoughts, pondering everything that we are ready to do for it. We are the totality of what we have learned from our teachers and what life has taught us, and there are no coincidences here. And this book came into your hands for a reason. Change the grey everyday life, break the vicious circle of routine, create a new impressive reality around you. So that everyone who comes into contact with this field of the newly created altered reality, realises how meaningful and fruitful human life can be.


Blockchain and life
“Beat your ploughshares into swords and your sickles into spears; let the weak say: "I am strong"

The world has gone crazy with cryptocurrency fever. Ten years ago a man or a group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto published a file describing the principle of the payment system. Today, millions of people nervously watch the cryptocurrency rate curve every morning. Was this predetermined by the desire for freedom from any systems other than the system in which we want to believe? What did happen to us over these 10 years? Why are we so carried away by something that we do not fully understand? What will happen next?

One warrior in the field
Leadership in the modern world

“As unknown, yet well-known, dying, and yet we live on; punished, yet not killed; sorrowful, yet always rejoicing; poor, yet making many rich; having nothing, and yet possessing everything.”

(2 Corinthians 6: 9-10)

Clean Square
The doctrine of effective thinking

Are there ways and technologies to help our brains function effectively in the ever-changing harsh conditions of the modern world? How to provide the mind with simple tools for constructive and creative work, so that a person can acquire another degree of freedom for his development and improvement?

The era of integrated communications
For all those who want

An unconventional view on the phenomena of emerging crises and their anthropogenic causes. The true destiny of a person and his talent are the most powerful arguments in the world of economics and spiritual order.

Alfa Coaching
“You may be too big to be attracted by God, but you cannot be too small for him.”

What does make successful people different? How can you organise your business and life in such a way that you achieve what you want? How do others do it? And if before it was considered a secret or was ranked as an innate charisma, today there are already methods and technologies that allow you to maximise person’s potential, to identify and realise all the possibilities inherent in him.


Reality distortion field
Reading mad Don Quixote a gentleman. Beleeving wha he red mad him mad.

The latest discoveries in the spheres of neurophysiology, anthropology, history and the experience of our civilization served as a source for unusual solutions and formation of a new efficient individual behavior, as well as for a consistent method of teaching this skill.

“Some men see things as they are, and say why. I dream of things that never were, and say why not.”

We are far from the belief that our work is an extremely serious study or an uncompromising textbook. If everything joyful and successful is so hard and serious, then what are we?
These are just revelations of life’s path and the desire to share what works, brings joy and pleasure.
Read it with ease, imbued with the spirit and energy of our and your ideas. Just enjoy the opportunity to look at your life and business from another bright and kind side.