Arsen Avetisov
Liferunner, Coach, Mentor

A doctor by profession, liferunner, coach, mentor, trainer, development and management consultant, entrepreneur, author of a series of books. Over 20 years of experience working with various companies, I have been able to implement effective models in business practices that help interact with people and guide them. As a result, hundreds of talents have found their place in the world, and their owners lead their best lives. But the main thing is that for my students every new day was the beginning of a new adventure. I am proud of these successful leaders, because they are just people who have found happiness and harmony in this ambiguous world.

My vision
We learn not from mistakes - we learn from lessons.

How often do we make a promise that we must change something within ourselves and in this world?How often do we make a promise to find new ways for our self-realisation? How often do we make a promise to live the most intense and incredible life? What are we doing to improve our thinking? What are our desires based on? What values do they carry? What tools do we have to combine our unique abilities and our willingness to think and act in new ways? Who does inspire and guide us?

This requires technique and ideology. We need a vision. A vision that should be simple, yet unique, visual. It must be free. We must be free.

To believe in an unprecedented breakthrough in our ideas, our meanings and our abilities, we always need to take the first step. The first step to see a holistic picture of our relationship with the world, to reveal the inner potential of our identity, to activate our individuality. So that from the interaction with the outside world we not only get everything we need, but also pleasure.

This is our opportunity - to create a space for transformations and conscious processes within the guidelines of our values.

This is our opportunity - to optimise the hustle and bustle of life and create an effective model based on scientific discoveries and our abilities, which are more than enough for this.

Liferunning techniques are inspiring, they fill our life and work with positive emotions, they give confidence and allow you to stay purposeful, focused and free. And most importantly, this is the experience that really works.

Don't miss these opportunities. Don't miss the opportunity to live happily.

It is enough to take just the first step ...

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